ChelShea Body Butter: Inspired by Pink Sugar

This product is an inspiration from the fragrance oil pink sugar. ChelShea whipped shea butter inspired by pink sugar not only enhances your body chemistry, and the smell is long-lasting and leaves your body moisturized for hours. The texture is lite, silky, and creamy. Experience this customer favorite.


All whipped shea butter ingredients include 

-Unrefined Shea Butter

-Unrefined cocoa butter

-Unrefined mango butter

-Almond oil

-Coconut oil

-Rosehip oil

-Jojoba oil

-Vitamin E oil

  • Refunds and Return policy

    Due to COVID19, we are not offering any refunds or returns. If there is a problem with the product you received, please email us, and we will be happy to address any issues.


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